Party the night away.

Painting the shop last night immediately after recovering the keys.



Cursed Thanksgiving…

The oddest things happen to us on Thanksgiving. The night started off as any other and ended up with not one, but two cars needing unexpected tows. We were not driving hard (i think) nor were we being reckless (that probably isn’t true) .

Justin got stranded. The car has been idling rough, and is believed to need some new coil packs. He also is still without a 2nd gear since it went out at the track. so we drove out to yorba linda to get him a tow and wait with him.

ImageAs soon as the truck is ready to leave, everyone hops into their cars. leaving the parking lot, Yuta’s civic died and wouldn’t start again. All the symptoms point toward a jump in timing. 

ImageHappy Thanksgiving..?